How can I choose the right Rug?


1-  Quality.

When you search for an area rug most of customers are not knowing many details about rugs , but they go to rugs stores with tons of complaints like , is it colors fading?, is it washable?, is it durable ?, is it easy to clean or easy to remove stains ? is it flats and fixes in the floors or would be slippery.? Is the thick one  higher quality or the thinner one?



So we will go step by step to answer these specific questions:

First you need to ask about the rug material and touch the carpet to make sure is it soft or rough.
so many materials on carpets like polyester, polypro lien, acrylic , freeze and so many. All of these materials are syntactic but it is also mixes with cotton to be soft and combined. So that traders can offer affordable prices,


In other case , there is a natural rugs like silk , wool , and some plants materials’  rugs added, these types of rugs would be absolutely expensive and mostly handmade so customers should be realistic when they ask for natural carpets and able to pay over 5k to 25k for these types of rugs.

When you see the back of the rug you will see the following details:

Number / sqm  like 3600/sqm this number means 3600 grams per square meter so this is the weight by grams per square meters as high as it is means the weight of carpet would be higher and its cost is higher which leads to higher quality.

You will find a pile height number by (mm), this is necessary to know because as higher as the pile it is means higher quality because giving weight and softness.

Also the knots of stitching  is higher which over 1million knots per square meters, this leads to higher resolution and higher cost and higher quality , this number means like pixels in photos how much the resolution it is ?



2-  Dimensions:

When you start searching for your rug, look for the dimension as a first thing , because if the shop or that site doesn’t have your size or it is very limited designs available then you’ll save time before going and searching, you also should ask the seller about the sizes to provide the right recommendations, most of customers are not knowing what’s the right size should they buy so preferably you provide your space area dimensions to the seller  then the seller would definitely advice with the right size based on his experience.






3-  Design.

Before you go to rug store you should know accurately your furniture design in general which usually divided into one of the following three sectors:


A-     Traditional oriental.

B-     Modern.

C-     Combined.

–          If your decoration in your living room or dining room is classic or antique you should definitely choose traditional oriental rug, the best designs on this section is the Persian rugs ( Kashan Carpet , Mashhad carpet , Tapriz carpet , Esfahan carpet , Qum Carpet )  and in this case you must choose the highest quality based on number of knots , Weight type of material and pile height.


–          If your decoration is modern , then you must choose modern design carpet, stylish carpet , contemporary carpet, new collection carpets, new sense carpets. Many people and new generation of designers likes contemporary rugs and stylish rugs and modern rugs  with less colors and you should choose quite colors and not necessary to check any technical details like weight and knots because it would be low resolution on its design while still the weight and overall shape quality is necessary .


–          The last option is the best option by choosing a combines design, this new concept of design is the best because you can choose a pattern of classic traditional by a plain colors with some small modern touches which make the carpet can be used on different decorations and lasting nice for many of years.





In GLARA Store ( Lougheed mall , Burnaby & Capilano Mall north Vancouver ) you will find a nice staff would be very helpful to provide a full information and lead you to choose the correct design. As they will provide you free delivery service and show more extra options on delivery and give you the right advice on your house after delivery by experts of rugs designers.